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Exterior Painting

The optimum way to enhance & boost the outer look of your place is getting that painted through an exterior paint job by taking the help of exterior house painters Calgary and at Fateh Painting Ltd, we and our valuable team will recognize the value of a well-kept exterior for the longevity and curb appeal of your home. After knowing this, we use the best skill & superior materials to turn the outside of your house into a breathtaking work of art that will be the talk of the neighborhood.

Exterior Painting

The optimum way to boost value and curb appeal to your home is a proper exterior paint job. The key to an excellent paint job is all in the preparation.

We start by pressure washing the whole exterior of your house. Then we change out any rotted wood. Then we thoroughly scrape and sand the components to be painted in order to ensure they are smooth and ready for paint. We then apply primer to any bare wood, caulk any gaps to defend your home from water intrusion, and apply the appropriate topcoats of paint for your house.

Ready to Transform Your Place?

We offer the services on which you can rely without any second thought or stress. As, enhancing your house doesn’t always require a comprehensive renovation.

And our team which comprised of skilled and experienced painters who are passionate about delivering exceptional results. From surface preparation to the final coat, we ensure every step is executed with precision and care.

So, let’s make it look amazing, then!

Boost your home’s value

Professional painting is a fantastic way to raise the value of your house if you intend to put it for sale in the future.

Since the outside of your property is the first thing potential buyers see when determining whether or not to buy, a professional paint makeover with the help of exterior painting calgary can undoubtedly help with the resale process.

Think about this: Upon noticing the exterior’s faded and damaged paint job, your potential buyer may decide right away that it might not be worth their effort to investigate the interior of the house. However, if they notice how well-kept your property looks from the curb, they will be curious to see inside right away.

Our Process for Exterior Painting

It takes more work to paint your home's exterior than it does to just apply paint. The right preparations need to be included & let everyone know how we go about providing our outside painting services:

We as professionals start our work by pressure washing the outer walls of the place. This way the painting process will get started conveniently.
Through this, our team will trench all the paint from outer space. The space would be available in the best & cleanest way that no traces would be left of previous paint.
To make the painting process go smoothly without any problem, we use masking to cover those areas that are left open to do some function.
After power washing & removing all the extra paint, our professionals remove all the scrap to start the coat of paint to give a more attractive outer look to the place.
While painting the outer surface, by any chance people find any broken point. Then our team will repair that with compromising. As, our primary goal is to make your place look the best.
After this, Exterior House Painters Calgary of our team start with the priming process. As, if this is done before painting then that will stay for a long without any problem.
Now, after making the outer space of place look the best. Our helpful team will clean all the mess created by them. So, that the ones who hired them won’t face any problems.
With this, we even allow our clients to inspect the whole and let us know if find any mistake or leave any spot.

How We Defend Your Place?

Our team comprises skilled and experienced painters who are passionate about delivering exceptional results. With this, we even offer various beneficiaries like the usage of quality materials that will provide the best experience to you so that you will come back to us for more. Other than this, our team even pays attention to all details & offers excellence by keeping a fine eye on all the details.

To have a more engaging & unforgettable painting experience don’t forget to get in touch with us to get help from our exceptional services for your exterior space.